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Contentl Analytics & Insights

On-demand tracking of your digital marketing performance across channels, locations and customer journey.

Unlock actionable insights with Milestone's Analytics. Empower your business with omnichannel traffic data to make informed decisions and comprehensive digital marketing strategies.
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Contentl Analytics & Insights

Omnichannel Analytics

Make data-driven decisions through the customer journey
Milestone Omnichannel Analytics
  • Integrated view of your digital marketing efforts
    Integrated view of your digital marketing efforts
    Take the chore out of digital marketing analytics. Milestone Analytics puts all critical KPIs at your fingertips - channel distribution, social performance, digital marketing campaigns, reviews and more. All your marketing metrics rolled up and presented in beautiful intuitive charts.
    • Single-source performance view across all marketing channels
    • Integrate data from your website and marketing distribution channels
    • Google, Bing PPC, reviews, social, local, leads, email and phone tracking
  • Centralized dashboard
    Centralized dashboard
    Most companies spend 2-5 days a month preparing reports, not analyzing them. Change that with Milestone Analytics. No multiple logins, no time wasted and no consolidating spreadsheets. Milestone Analytics makes understanding your digital presence simple, intuitive, and visually informative. Reporting you will want to perform . . . imagine that?
    • Centralize marketing channels in an easy to view dashboard
    • Integrated reports save time and effort
    • Prevent costly human mistakes
  • Multi-user system
    Multi-user system
    Stop sharing spreadsheets and fixing mistakes. Milestone Analytics brings synergy and power to your organization with a multi-user system that eliminates costly errors and unifies your view of your digital marketing world.
    • Eliminate error-prone manual reports
    • Create and share a single source of truth for marketing decisions
    • Multiple user permissions for different levels of access
  • Multi-source intelligence reporting
    Multi-source intelligence reporting
    Report performance across multiple brands, multiple geographies and locations in a fast, simple, consolidated, and automated dashboard. Log in and make informed business decisions based on data, without editing multiple spreadsheets.
    • Stop wasting efforts comparing multiple brands or locations
    • Eliminate multiple report formats that waste time and slow down decisions
    • Make easier comparisons through visual analysis
  • Measure your marketing spend
    Measure your marketing spend
    Understanding where you are over-spending and under-spending on your marketing is difficult. Milestone Analytics makes it simple and intuitive with a customer journey analytics module that gives a fast, heads-up view of your marketing performance across the user journey funnel.
    • Map performance across the customer journey
    • Visualize the effectiveness of each marketing channel
    • Benchmark each channel


Data and business intelligence to get you ahead of your competition - every day!
  • Website SEO health
    Website SEO health
    Gain a competitive edge with Milestone Insights. Stay ahead with continuous website audits, uncovering strengths and growth opportunities. Our analysis covers five key SEO parameters - Indexability and Crawlability, Page Experience, Schema and Clickability, Local and Authority, Content and Relevance - boosting your website's visibility and authority. Dominate your industry with Milestone Insights.
    • SEO performance Vs. your direct competition
    • Opportunity indicators across the SEO parameters
    • Generate automated highlights with YOY % change
    • Drill into performance by locations and select data ranges
  • Keyword optimization
    Keyword optimization
    Uncover your competitive advantage with Milestone CMS! Analyze keywords, topics, and questions against local or industry competitors. Discover your relevant keywords, outrank opportunities, and identify areas for improvement. Milestone Insights empowers you to optimize your strategy and bridge keyword gaps, ensuring you stay ahead.
    • Auto or manual keyword setup
    • Locate keyword overlaps
    • Discover competitor outrank keywords
    • Identify content gaps and opportunities
  • Competitive ranking
    Competitive ranking
    Track your SEO performance against your direct competition. View and compare your performance against theirs across our five parameters. Know where you're ahead and where to focus and improve. You've got all the insights you need to stand out on search.
    • Track your SEO success against your competitors
    • Automated insights to improve your performance
    • Easy-to-understand visualizations
    • Export data for scrutiny
Milestone Insights

Performance Data Platform

Centralize ALL your performance data across channels and touchpoints in ONE place
Milestone Performance Data Platform
  • Centralized data platform
    Centralized data platform

    Bring it all together. Your data on one platform to make decisions that will help your business grow.

    Milestone's Performance Data Platform consolidates data across search, website, competitor performance, paid media, social and even offline business transactions. Break data silos and weave data stories to reach your customers with a purposed approach.

    • Aggregate, transform, cleanse and unify data
    • On-demand data availability
    • Visualize data across platforms
    • Data governance and security
  • Technical SEO scorecard
    Technical SEO scorecard
    Unlock website potential with Milestone's comprehensive technical SEO scorecard. You now will know exactly what your business needs to do to improve its SEO strategy to drive its visibility on search. All the SEO tricks and recommendations are at your fingertips.
    • 25 vital KPIs across 6 SEO parameters
    • Actionable insights for specific URLs
    • Quick comparisons with historical scorecards
    • Browsable format and auto-scheduling
  • Content health scorecard
    Content health scorecard
    Need to know what's blocking your content visibility on search? We have the answer! Our Content Health Scorecard is the most comprehensive reporting you need to manage the effectiveness of your content. Review website content health and identify areas for optimization with ease for your brand and across all locations.
    • Overall content health score
    • Individual category scores: Discoverability, Visibility, Rich Results, Relevancy
    • Content performance against competitors
    • Drilled down reports for content opportunities

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Our Latest News and Posts

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Learn More About Milestone Solutions

Call us at +1-408-200-2211 or fill the form below .
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