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Events Calendar

Drive Search Discovery and Conversions Using Milestone Event Calendar

Highlight local events happening on or around your property & get ranked for event searches
Optimize your business for all types of search results. Align your content with customer intent and interests. Take your content hyperlocal and reach a broader audience that converts. With the Milestone Event Calendar, your business can easily increase foot traffic and drive discovery and conversions.
Milestone Schema gets your events ready for entity search

Milestone Schema gets your events ready for entity search

Set up your events on Milestone Event Calendar and get automatically wrapped schema to give you the edge on search. Give search engine bots clear context of the event with defined entities that boost visibility and rich results. Semantic SEO done the right way.
What else can Milestone Event Calendar do for you?

What else can Milestone Event Calendar do for you?

Create, manage, and optimize your upcoming events.
  • Schedule events and setup duration
  • Choose recurring and non-recurring events
  • Publish dedicated event pages on your website
  • Choose events from the events feed near your business or auto accept events
  • Schema support to drive entity recognition of each event
  • Customize your events feed based on your preferences
  • Filter events on your auto feed using keywords
  • Dedicated event newsfeed page
Increase event visibility

Increase event visibility

Drive discovery of you on-property events and close-by events using Milestone Event Calendar:
  • On-property events that are both recurring and non-recurring
  • Nearby events happening within proximity - in line with the type of events your typical customers would attend
  • Automated events feed page just by selecting the parameters that suits your preference as a brand
Typical results?

Typical results?

In just 90 days (about 3 months) following the optimization of their events, one hotel witnessed:
  • 119% increase in pageviews of event details in their calendar
  • 350% increase in clicks to the booking engine from event calendar listings on search
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