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Insights from Satisfied Customers

  • What Our Customers Are Saying

    • Greg Sterling

      Linchris Hotel Corporation

      - Corporate Director of Online Marketing
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      Linchris Hotel Corporation

    • Marline Avelar


      - Director of Sales & Marketing
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    • Shalini Ragbir

      Crescent Hotels and Resorts

      - Sr. Director, Integrated Marketing
      and Digital Solutions
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      Crescent Hotels and Resorts

    • Kylie Chen

      Twenty Four Seven Hotels

      - Corporate Digital Marketing Manager
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      Twenty Four Seven Hotels

    • 1440 Testimonial

      1440 Multiversity

      - Managing Director, 1440 Multiversity
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      1440 Multiversity

      "Our results have been nothing short of amazing. We're seeing really robust positive engagement so far on the site versus the same four-week period last year. Overall sessions are up 18 percent, pageviews up almost 50 percent, our duration of session is up over 50 percent, and our mobile site speeds improved by 156 percent.
      It's just so much easier for people to navigate the site. They're spending more time on the site. They're engaging in all the new things that we built into the site, which is a lot more imagery a lot more video there, and we're seeing a lot more engagement as a result of that. People are following us on social media more, they're more interested in what we're doing; it just seems like there's a broader message that you've helped us achieve and the site's helping drive that.
      The reason why we wanted to do business with Milestone is that we appreciate the strategic partnership in terms of collaborating and the comprehensive services. You guys are great to work with, and I couldn't think of a better strategic partner for us going into the future than what Milestone has been for us and we are looking for this relationship lasting a long time."
    • Cambria Testimonial

      Meyer Jabara Hotels

      - Rick Odorisio, Meyer Jabara Hotels
      View More

      Meyer Jabara Hotels

      We compared the Milestone to several other companies. I really liked the depth and knowledge of Milestone. They are well versed. They really tried to understand what we were trying to accomplish and our objectives.
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      Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort

      When I was searching for a new website company for our Las Vegas hotel and casino, I found everything that I was looking for and more in Milestone. Since going live with our new website created by Milestone, we have been selling out our hotel during high profile city-wide events, like NFR and keeping a consistently above-average occupancy rate for a highly competitive city like Las Vegas throughout the year.
      The Milestone dashboard is so easy to use on a daily basis. When I do need the support of Milestone, I get a quick response and my support tickets are completed on time. We have increased the number of products that Milestone provides us including a new blog, social media monitoring, and more. The products are easy to use and have saved me time during my busy day.
      I would recommend Milestone Internet Marketing to any company that is looking to increase productivity and revenue and stay one step ahead of your competitors.
      In the first two weeks of having the new site up, we booked 10 packages. We are thrilled.
      - Owner, Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort

      Kahler Grand Hotel

      Milestone's industry-leading technology was a major factor in our desire to work with them on our new website. Their software+services approach meant that we not only got an amazing platform, but also a stunning website coupled with a modern approach to marketing it. The results are a testament to the powerful combination.
      - Regional Director of Operations, Kahler Grand Hotel

      Hotel Nikko San Francisco

      The new website and especially the FAQ module is yet another example of how Milestone has been a great long-term partner in helping Hotel Nikko continue to provide excellent anticipatory service to our guests and clients. We strive to provide seamless service to all of our guests prior, during, and after their stay; and the Nikko website is an important communication channel of that support structure.
      - Vice President, Hotel Nikko San Francisco

      Turf Valley Resort

      It has been such a pleasure to work with our Milestone CS managers. They have truly been the difference in our outstanding performance. I can't thank them enough for their attention to detail, responsiveness, and eagerness to introduce new ideas to our marketing efforts.
      - Director of Marketing, Turf Valley Resort

      Milestone gave us a beautiful website and impressive ROI

      The Hotel Kitano New York boosts revenue 35% with a 76:1 ROI with Milestone "Milestone was able to provide us with a beautiful website, backed by amazing technology. Their attention to detail is incredible and their customer support is industry-leading".
      - General Manager, The Hotel Kitano New York

      Comfort Inn San Diego

      They were very in tune with social media platforms with search engine optimization that kept the interest of the user on that site for an extended period of time, so with all that in mind I started getting my own hotel working with Milestone and got a vanity site with them. And it's been a wonderful run so far. We have a regular consultation meeting. They sent me an analytics Google Analytics that talk about specific words or specific regions in San Diego that pop up a lot more specific to our site.
      Every so often we fine tune the process we've got to make sure that we are using the right words right optimizing the searches and making sure that our hotel does show up in rankings. It is a very good product and just not the product but the experience overall experience for the customer is equally important, so we try to accomplish what we can on site.
      - Sunil Thadani, Comfort Inn San Diego

      Happy With Milestone, They Are Extremely Helpful And Knowledgable

      Account manager is extremely helpful and willing to go the extra step to make sure we are comfortable with the information. Her explanations are to the point and knowledgable! You can tell she has researched our account and is familiar with our websites. She cares and that is key in making clients happy!!!.
      - Crowne Plaza Foster City - San Mateo

      Our Occupancy Has Increased By 35% Since Our New Site Went Live

      Milestone offered us strategic marketing advice on the things that our target clients were looking for in our local region and helped us target these customers on the internet.
      - General Manager, Hospitality

      Milestone Was Masterful In Assisting Our Hotel During The Transition From A Branded To An Independent Hotel

      They truly understood the unique challenges, various dependencies, and, ironically enough, the milestones we needed to reach in order to get our branding pushed out early and often. Milestone also led our PPC campaigns in order to maximize exposure during our transition period. I think that their communication at every step of the way was excellent and the product we imagined came to life precisely as we wanted!.
      - General Manager, Hospitality

      Milestone's Knowledge Is Really Top Notch!

      For more than 10 years their entire team has been a pleasure to work with. They are extremely quick at completing any requests or changes to our websites and make great suggestions allowing us to stay ahead of the hotel industry's evolving market trends. Their ROI reports and quarterly reviews are very comprehensive and show us how our business continues to grow each year as a result of their websites. They really seem to appreciate us as a customer. You won't be disappointed with them.
      - General Manager, Hospitality

      Milestone Is Right On Target. Milestone Worked With Us To Develop An Exciting New Website For Our Unique Property

      In addition to optimizing the site, Milestone stressed the importance of creating packages to offer customers. Milestone assisted us in developing a core group of packages especially suited for our area. Our new site has been up and running for only two weeks and in that time we have booked 10 packages and have received several calls. We are thrilled.
      - General Manager, Hospitality

      Our New Independent Website Is One Of Our Most Profitable Channels

      Since going live with our new website by Milestone, the revenue generated from this channel has increased substantially year after year. The return on investment has been the highest among the distribution channels. The Milestone dashboard is very easy to use and their personalized service is exceptional. Additionally, their account managers are always prompt in answering any correspondence.
      - General Manager, Hospitality

      Milestone Truly Understands Our Industry, And Takes An Integrated Approach To Digital Marketing

      In addition, Milestone continuously improves and expands its products and stays current in this quickly changing digital age. Milestone products and support enable us to manage our website and social media at will. The quarterly ROI calls show us the tremendous impact these products and services have on business. I've been extremely happy with Milestone - whether one needs help starting a small eCommerce Campaign or is looking to develop an extensive strategy I'm happy to recommend them to anybody!.
      - General Manager, Hospitality

      Carmel Town House For Hotel Website Design

      Milestone has been our trusted partner for many years and has managed our website & digital marketing for our hotels. Their technological leadership is unmatched and they have helped us grow our direct business and deliver a better experience to our customers.
      - General Manager, Carmel Town House Hospitality

      Carmel Town House

      We chose Milestone because they provided the most comprehensive solution for us. Their software + services approach is unique and gives us both the tools we need as well as access to deep industry expertise.
      - Nilam Patel, President at Carmel Town House Hospitality

      G6 Hospitality LLC

      I would suggest this is the best time to reinvest in your direct assets with the best possible website, distribution strategy, eCommerce, and digital marketing strategy for your consumers today. You'll be ready to the right pick up whatever demand there in the current time period but also moving forward as the economy recovers.
      Milestone will point us out that if the site does not load a page in three seconds or less you're in trouble from a consumer standpoint. Because consumer patience for whatever reason we've learned is far less on mobile devices than it is on desktop.
      The milestone was a huge help because, frankly, we needed integration work. Milestone teams were super helpful in creating a data layer and site tagging so we could track performance.
      I really want to thank our friends and partners in Milestone for all of the hard work they contributed in this time period, and I'm looking forward to a long partnership moving forward.
      - Stephen Fitzgerald, VP Digital Commerce & Distribution, G6 Hospitality LLC
    • Westlake Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery

      Partnering with Milestone resulted in an immediate boost in our overall organic visibility. The inclusion of schema definitely draws more clicks, and we've experienced huge increases in new users and best of all high-quality leads. Milestone also made the process easy; our dedicated representative is always on top of our account. They even help with numerous SEO aspects beyond schema like technical SEO and content generation. Thanks, Milestone!
      - Digital Marketing Manager, Westlake Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery

      Abt Electronics

      I want to give a shout-out to your team for the work you guys have been doing and continue to put into these projects. You guys are rockstars and I cannot wait to scale this success to a bigger level. You guys are absolutely a dream team that I feel so fortunate to be a part of! So, a big round of applause to you guys!
      - SEO Manager, Abt Electronics

      Renault Euro Mexico

      Milestone used their Presence Cloud platform to help us with a full website redesign and to drive digital marketing for our dealer group, and we have seen dramatic results. Choosing Milestone's Platform was great for us.
      - Commercial Director, Renault Euro Mexico

      Evergreen Home Loans

      The customer experience--it's everything, and it can make or break your business. Today customers demand digital performance and our digital upgrades. In fact it's really difficult to keep pace with what they need. The advantage of going to vendor partners like Milestone is their speed to market.
      We iterated rapidly by leveraging vendor partners like Milestone rather than trying to do it all ourselves in-house. 2020 has been the highest growth in terms of our volume in the company's history.
      When you get a great partner, it's the greatest feeling in the world because, all of a sudden, you're not the expert--you get other experts to rely on
      - Jeanne Hussin, VP of Marketing, Evergreen Home Loans
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