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FAQ Manager

FAQ Manager

Curate, monitor, and publish Frequently Asked Questions with the best answers across your website and multiple channels. Milestone FAQ Manager lets businesses bulk publish consistent questions and rich answers as a verified authority across websites, social channels, voice assistants, Google My Business, and chatbots.
Milestone's FAQ Manager enables you to deliver questions and answers that satisfy search intent and allows you to control the answers related to your business. Now, your answers can be everywhere and stay in front of your customers.

FAQ Manager Benefits

Milestone FAQ Manager is an end-to-end FAQ management solution that lets businesses curate customer questions across channels and locations and helps publish verified answers to voice assistants and other channels.
  • Improve answer completeness and precision; curate relevant content and auto-suggest best answers
  • Save time; easily draft and publish FAQs and best answers pre-wrapped in schemas
  • Increase visibility of answers in the SERPs in rich snippets, FAQs, and People Also Ask
  • Prevent your competition from hijacking your traffic with their unofficial answers
  • Answer customer questions precisely and increase conversion
  • Automatically publish verified answers to voice assistants, Google and Alexa
  • Create consistent and improved brand presence in local search SEO
The Milestone FAQ Manager

Your answers on voice apps, like Google & Alexa

The Milestone FAQ Manager lets you discover the questions people are asking and lets you create frequently asked questions (FAQs) that are converted into "skills" and "answers" on voice platforms. Milestone Voice gives you the power to get in front of consumers and answer their relevant answers.
  • Discover questions being asked about your business
  • Create answers and publish them to your website as voice skills and actions
  • Built-in workflow management of Q&A and including Add, Edit, Ignore, Delete and Publish functions
FAQ Manager Publish Trending Questions and Best Answers

Curate and publish trending questions and best answers

FAQ Manager is backed by our "software + services" approach. We research trending consumer questions, craft best answers, and use Milestone Voice to help your business curate and publish voice answers to devices, like Google Home and Alexa.
  • Milestone curates and manages the whole process for you
  • Ongoing updates and research new questions and answers for voice and zero position on SERPs
  • Website voice search optimization consulting
The Milestone FAQ Manager Discover Questions Asked by Consumers

Adapt to the way people search with Milestone Voice

More than 50% of search is voice-powered and 30% of web browsing is performed on screen-less devices today. How can businesses adapt to how people search? Milestone Voice ensures that when consumers ask questions about your business, your answers are the first be to be found. Milestone Voice will change the way you interact with your consumers.
  • Discover questions asked by your consumers
  • Tools to build answers and publish them to voice search apps and platforms like Google and Alexa
Voice Search Insights for Cross-Channel and Paid Campaigns

Voice search insights for cross-channel and paid campaigns

Milestone Voice can optionally come bundled with a paid marketing campaign designed to co-optimize channels, including paid media campaigns, from long-tail keywords that make up your FAQs.
  • Optional paid marketing campaigns based on your voice queries
  • Voice-tailored paid campaigns outperform traditional campaigns
  • Fully Leverage voice assistant and publish verified answers to voice assistant
  • Measure impact with voice search performance
Analytics to Understand and Adapt to Voice Search

Analytics to understand and adapt to voice search

Milestone Voice comes with in-depth analytics to help you understand how your content is being used, track voice search queries, and provide insights into opportunities to improve your content and schema-wrapped answers.
  • Full voice-reporting platform
  • Track voice queries and activities
  • Single dashboard to monitor audience engagement and take action immediately

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Ask our experts
  • What is an FAQ?

    An FAQ (frequently asked question) is a medium for organizations, companies, businesses, and individuals to answer queries of their customers about the products and services offers. The entity authors the question and answer to preclude the customer being misled or misinformed and, in the process, builds trust. Unlike community forums, Q&As, FAQs have a single answer and no alternate answers. FAQs on your website and best answers will increase your site visibility in zero position on the SERPs.
  • Does FAQ help with voice search performance?

    Yes, FAQs help with long-tail topics and FAQ schema helps your website address the requirements of Google’s BERT algorithm, which focuses on picking up conversational and relatable content that directly answers a question online.
  • How many words should I put in the FAQ for SEO?

    An FAQ answer should be concise, accurate and directly answers the question to suit Google’s BERT algorithm. According to LARK (an online communication platform), a short answer should be no more than 256 characters or 50 –65 words. According to a Backlinko study, to increase the chance of your FAQ being picked up as a voice answer, it should be concise,preferably be limited to 29 words and be the best answer.
  • Is there an FAQ schema type?

    Yes, there is. For your FAQ to be displayed as a rich result on SERPs, using the ‘FAQPage’ schema type is essential. However, as per the guidelines, it should be used in cases when the FAQ is written by the site itself or written to support a product page and there is no way for users to submit alternative answers.
  • How do you optimize for voice search?

    You can optimize your website for voice search by ensuring that your website content is localized, conversational, and answers questions of customers directly, while ensuring quality. Your website should have authority, proper site and content structure, schemas (structured data) to optimize for entity recognition, optimum page speed, and be SEO-optimized to ensure it ranks, preferably the first page of SERPs, as a rich result to be picked up as a voice answer.
  • What voice search is used most?

    Current trends indicate that voice search is witnessing exponential growth in adoption. While over 27% of the global online population are using voice search on mobile, researchers claim that 58% of the US population had performed a local business search using voice on mobiles. Also, 75% of smart speaker users perform voice search for local businesses every week and 53% of users do it daily. The top uses of voice search are:
    • Quick facts
    • Weather forecast & news
    • Research products or services
    • Ask for directions
    • Play music or stream videos
    • Place order online
    • Make reservations in restaurants or cab service
    Current trends indicate that voice search is being increasingly used to look for local businesses and shopping. 2 out of 3 top voice search types are related to shopping. If you have a location-based business, you should optimize for voice search by focusing on voice-optimized content that triggers featured snippets.
  • Where is Google voice search used?

    Google voice search is Google’s technology to perform search queries on the internet using voice commands. Users can ask questions such as “Google, where are the best car dealers near me?” on their voice-enabled Google devices. Google voice search can be used for performing searches on:
    • Android supported smartphones & tablets
    • Smart speakers (e.g. Google Home or smart TVs, headphones and watches)
    • Voice assistants on desktops/laptops
    • Google app on iPhones or iPads
    According to Google Web Index 2018, 27% of the global online population are using voice search on mobile devices. The Google voice search uses automatic speech recognition to understand voice queries and renders output on-screen as text or as voice answers using text-to-speech technology. The top voice searches are for quick facts or news, research, to compare products/services, and ask for directions.. In fact, 2 out of 3 top voice search types are related to shopping. So, if you are a location-based business, you should implement a voice-optimized content strategy for your website.
  • Does voice search SEO work?

    While not all content on the internet gets picked up as voice search answers, optimizing your website content to suit voice is crucial. You can do so by ensuring your website has:
    • Proper site structure and content: Structure your website to have FAQs on the major pages answering questions of customers directly. Content should suit informational intent (guides, how-to.), navigational intent (store locations, services, press releases, customer service info) and transactional intent (videos, product information, comparisons, product stories) - basically optimized for local content. According to Backlinko, an average voice answer should be around 29 words.
    • Schemas: Schema or structured data directly impact voice searches as they function in entity recognition. they improve the chances of the content being displayed as a featured snippet and rich result on SERPs, and increase the chances of the content being the pick of voice assistants.
    • Optimum page speed: Page speed has an effect on the ranking of the website and business on the whole. Having Accelerated Mobile Pages for the pages getting the highest traffic and the rest of the pages mobile-friendly will ensure better engagement and ranking on SERPs.
    • Use keyword planning tools: Use keyword planning tools to look for the common questions asked by users online. Create concise and straight-to-the-point content that suits the trends and common questions.
  • How does voice search and FAQs change how businesses interact with customers?

    Voice queries will continue to increase. According to the Gartner Group, 30% of all web browsing is performed on screen-less devices. To help businesses adapt to how people search, Milestone makes sure that when consumers ask questions about your business, your answers are the first be to be found in zero position in search engine results.
  • What is voice search?

    Milestone FAQ Manager is an amazing new product that helps you discover questions asked by your consumers. It gives you the tools you need to build answers and publish them to popular voice search apps and platforms like Google Home and Alexa. Milestone FAQ Manager will completely change the way you interact with your consumers.
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