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The Fastest & Only SEO-First
Content Management System

Milestone's Content Management System (CMS) is architected from the ground up for a multi-device, multi-touchpoint user experience. With support for 280+ schemas, an adaptive-responsive mobile engine that consistently hits 85+ on PageSpeed, and support for advanced features, like Google AMP pages and ADA conformity, our award-winning and cloud-based CMS platform ensures your digital success.
The best SEO CMS Platform in Milestone Inc

The best SEO CMS platform made that appeals to search engines

The Milestone CMS provides a rich foundation designed to help you get found and to drive engagement. With support for 280+ schema tags and an adaptive-responsive engine that is optimized for mobile speed, our innovative, seo-first CMS platform lets you create content for the multi-device, multi-touchpoint consumer.
  • Get on Google Knowledge Graph, Bing, iOS10 and Apple Maps with 280+ schemas
  • Optimized for mobile search and fast download times
  • Alt tags for images for higher conversion and image search compatibility
  • Blog and events calendar functionality for fresh content and search engine rankings
  • Auto-update of sitemap.xml files as new pages are added or deleted
Milestone CMS - An Exceptionally Engaging and Easy-to-Use Platform

Enhanced user experience

An amazing user experience is at the heart of our website content management system. Milestone CMS provides an exceptionally engaging and easy-to-use platform that makes creating content and managing your website simple, while giving you easy access to advanced features for personalization and schema compatibility.
  • Easy to use, edit content, images, photo galleries, and RFP forms in the CMS
  • Create landing pages for paid search and specials in seconds
  • Distribute work without losing control through a moderated workflow
  • Multiple layers of user permission levels for security
  • Personalize content based on user location through geo-targeting
  • Local translations through a user intuitive API
Milestone CMS - Manage Multiple Websites via a Multi-Tenant Architecture

Support all your locations from one place with a solution designed for location-based businesses

Milestone CMS is the ideal content creation and management platform for location-based businesses. A multi-tenant architecture lets you create and manage multiple websites, while built-in analytics help you stay on top of what's happening in real-time.
  • Cloud-based software updated on a continuous basis
  • Mobile HTML5 compatible and responsive design
  • Manage multiple websites via a multi-tenant architecture
  • Enable features globally across multiple sites
  • Update brand compliance elements in a single location
  • Perform template-level changes once and propagate
  • Review website analytics KPIs
Milestone CMS - Designed with Latest Technologies and Features

Advanced content management system features

Milestone CMS is designed to provide the latest technologies and features that matter. From dynamic content personalization to ADA conformity and Google AMP compatibility, Milestone CMS keeps you ahead of the technology curve and ahead of the competition.
  • Build ADA-conforming pages, get error notifications on ADA issues
  • Create fully compatible Google AMP pages for lighting fast mobile
  • Personalize content based on geographic location
  • Add features with a modular architecture
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