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Hyperlocal Location Pages

Create pages that customers will want to click on. Content needs to be more than local; it should be hyperlocal to land in the most relevant search result. Optimize your local pages to give your visitors what they are looking for and the best experience.

Be relevant by creating Hyperlocal content

You want your content to relate to hyperlocal ‘near me' and informational searches, and creating hyper-local content that is crisp and conversational using customer intent and market trends is the way forward. Milestone Local will help your business convert your business's landing pages to be hyperlocal by implementing the following:
  • Visible location finders and scannable location information such as your address, reviews, phone number, hours of service, etc.
  • Adding store menus and offers on the landing page
  • Unique location-specific content and store FAQs to match the conversation format of online queries
  • Visible ‘Call to Action' buttons for customers to make an immediate decision

Attract users with a compelling Mobile-first design

Using the latest mobile technology, Milestone will help your business mirror its desktop version with an intuitive and responsive mobile-first design that boasts of top-notch page load speed, clear task completions, engaging CTAs, easy-to-tap buttons with clear mobile gestures (swipe, scroll, tap, autofill). and coupons to prompt buys.

Access to all with ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliance

While ADA compliance of your web pages will save your business thousands of dollars in lawsuits, the priority is to ensure that the website is accessible to all and can be utilized by screen readers. By following the compliance norms, you ensure that no one is left out from enjoying the benefits of your service.

AMP your way to the top of search results

Choose the page receiving the highest engagement to convert to Accelerated Mobile Pages to ensure blazing page load speeds and improved engagement with your audience using mobile devices. Based on our research, AMP improves page speed and engagement by 23% vs otherwise well optimized sites.

Is your website ready for 2021? Milestone will get your pages’ Core Web Vitals optimized

Google had called it the page experience signal, and it will be a ranking factor in 2021. Having a stellar user experience will now help your business climb rankings on search. Milestone ensures that your website is Core Web Vitals optimized to improve engagement, boost your revenue and meet the performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO and PWA requirements of the update.
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