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"Milestone used their Presence Cloud platform to help us with a full website redesign and to drive digital marketing for our dealer group, and we have seen dramatic results. Choosing Milestone's Platform was great for us"
Felipe Escalara, Renault Mexico
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  • 3X
    Increase In Website Traffic
  • 80%
    More Phone Calls
  • 30%
    More Customers At Dealerships
  • 34
    More Cars Sold One Month After Site-Live

About Renault Mexico

Groupe Renault has been making cars since 1898, is present today in 134 countries, and has sold 3.9 million vehicles in 2018.
Eurofranceses de México, is a group within the Mexican Subsidiary of Renault and is comprised of 10 dealerships within 4 states, all owned and operated by one family for 15 years.

The Challenge

New digital trends are changing how consumers shop for automobiles and how they interact with car dealers. In 2019, a more rigorous mobile strategy is needed to meet the demands of today's consumer.
Car buyers have become mobile-savvy and their behaviors have shifted. In 2018, there were 67% more mobile automotive queries than in 2017. As a result, mobile websites need to be fast, and they need to be designed with the user in mind.
The push towards mobile has also meant significant changes in how search technology works. As a result, some dealers have had trouble standing out online, missing out on exposure to potential customers. In the past 5 years the number of "dealers near me" searches have grown by 10X.
For Renault Mexico we needed to develop a strategy to rank for more long-tail keywords like: "Dealerships near me," "Renault service center near me," and "Auto parts near me.
"Making sure Google identified Renault Mexico's inventory was a main focus of Milestone's efforts. 60% of car shoppers choose a model & brand before visiting a dealer, that means a majority of shoppers will be searching for a particular vehicle, perhaps with certain specifications, like color, or interior features in mind.
We would also need to develop a system that could provide an enhanced level of visibility to the used vehicles in our client inventory as well.

The Solution

Milestone developed a super-fast Mobile-First website using Milestone CMS and by adding Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for key parts of the site. We chose AMP because of its speed (up to 10X faster than mobile sites) and for how well AMP drives engagement - up to 20X more than traditional sites.
Milestone also embarked on a 360 degree program to enhance Renault's online presence by cleaning and enhancing their online profiles in search directories, data aggregators, map applications, Internet Yellow Pages and social channels using a combination of Milestone Local and dedicated services.
Milestone also leveraged the breadth of support for schemas in Milestone CMS to make the car inventory and details searchable by applying schema tags to the automotive inventory.
The deep support for schemas in Milestone CMS made all the information about the dealerships more visible (such as: their address, store hours, special offers, and more) It has also meant that each vehicle in their inventory (new and used) is searchable by specific characteristics like color, mileage, fuel efficiency, and cargo volume, just to name a few.


Impact of Milestone Cloud on Renault Euro Dealerships (Oct 18 - Feb 19)
  • 3X Increase in Website Traffic
  • 420 Online Leads (website form-fills)
  • 80% More Phone Calls
  • 30% More Customers at Dealerships
  • 34 More cars sold 1 month after site live
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